Large Format Printing Services

Large Format Printing Services

Large format printing is also known as wide format printing company in Dubai. It is among the most powerful tools for outdoor marketing, attracting consumers in cities and interstate. Billboards are strategically placed along highways and above busy streets to attract attention and ignite curiosity. This means that people will definitely notice your company and you’ll get value for your investment.

Another good thing about large format printing is that unlike a newspaper or television, one cannot flip the channel or turn the pages on a billboard. An outdoor billboard is loud and has a larger reach. That’s why large & big grand banner format printing is of great importance for your business in Dubai.

Trinity Media is known for its custom large & wide format digital printing services in Dubai. We have upscale industrial printing machines which produce accurate colours and print in Large and Extra Large formats. Unlike other printers, we offer single print format which does not need any joints or adhesives for large sizes. With wide range of solvent printers, we have a printing capacity of 500 sq meters per day.

Our Large Format banner printing includes:

Flex Banner Printing : Our digital flex printing is top-notch printing machines produce accurate colours and prints in Large and Extra size formats sticker, poster and banner printing services in Dubai. Unlike other printers, we offer single print format which does not need any joints or adhesives for large sizes.

  • Outdoor and Indoor Banner Printing
  • Rollup and Popup Banner Printing
  • Display Banner Printing
  • Custom Design Banner Printing
  • Laminated Outdoor Banner Printing
  • Promotional Banner Printing
  • Events Banner Printing
  • Point of Sale Signage
  • Birthday Banner Printing

Vinyl Printing :  Our Large scale vinyl banner digital printing services in Dubai From motorcycles to automobiles, trucks, buses and boats, if it moves, it can be wrapped. When it comes to colour quality, durability, speed, reliability and low running costs, Trinity Media has the best solutions with its unbeatable vinyl quality


PRINTING ON FROSTED MATERIAL: Our custom frosted glass vinyl graphics simulate the effect of etched glass; this provides privacy for offices and conference rooms. More and more businesses are discovering the advantages of using etched glass adhesive vinyl. It is an easy and an affordable way to give your retail windows, glass doors and showers a touch of class with frosted or etched glass.

PRINTING ON ONEWAY VISION STICKER: One-way vision large format signs are digitally printed vinyl graphics with tiny perforations that let you see through the design. This can be used for retail window display and car rear window large format advertising in Dubai.

WALL PAPER PRINTING: With the help of digital textile large paper printing in Duabi, printing custom wallpaper and wall murals has become easy. A photo or digital art can be used to create a wallpaper which is a great way to renovate and change the overall look of your home. Wallpapers are easy to apply, durable and have brilliant colours.

FLOOR STICKER PRINTING: Printed on durable vinyl material with lamination, this can stick to any clean wall or floor surface. It can be applied easily to wood, metal and glass. These are durable, slip-resistant, safe and attractive choice for decor in any workplace or home. They add a touch of creativity to basic furniture.

Our Machinery

One Way Vision Sticker : Trinity Media is offering a high-class solution for one way vision sticker. This is a perforated film consisting of custom print on one side. And the non-printed side consists of adhesive for quick pasting. This is the best marketing material. You can fix it on glass in case you require visibility from inside to outside. This one way vision blocks the visibility from outside to inside. Many people are using this for showrooms, offices and car screens. This is the most reliable and affordable way to block light coming inside.vinyl graphicsvinyl graphics