Custom wallpaper

Custom wallpaper

Wallpaper Printing using your own Image

Custom wallpaper printing in Dubai with Installation with by our professional team

Products include: Wallpaper printing for Living room, Wallpaper printing for Bed room, Wallpaper printing for Dining room, Wallpaper printing for Drawing room etc.,

Printing of wallpaper : Create your unique wallpaper by submitting your own image.

You can upload your image here by using our Free upload service, here – Or

Please note that you can send images in .jpg, .tif, .png, .psd, .psb, .eps, .ai, cdr and .pdf formats only. We recommend high resolution images (200dpi or more) for sharper and better wallpapers.

Our technical team will review the image to see if the quality is print worthy and we’ll notify you before we finalise the order to print your wallpaper. Our personalized wallpaper printing service is highly flexible. We can also create customized wallpaper designs in Dubai as per your requirement of height and width.

Installation & Removal of wallpaper

We are a team of highly trained professionals. We are experts in removing and installing wallpapers. For best results, wallpapers are installed on absolutely flat/smooth surfaces. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a smooth surface for installing our wallpapers to avoid bumps and achieve a perfect finish.

Removal of our wallpapers won’t leave any sticky residue that damages the surface or appearance of your walls. However, in exceptional cases, if you do find little residues, you can easily get rid of them by wiping with a clean damp sponge, towel or cloth.

All the wallpaper’s are printed on DreamScape wall covering; DreamScape is a high quality printable certificate type II commercial grade wall covering that has passed the most rigorous testing for quality and building code certification.

Smoke Certification – Meet or exceeds Federal CCC-408D and CFFA-W-101D
Fire Testing – Meets or exceeds ASTM, NFPA, BS476 and CAN 102
Mold and Mildew Resistance – Passed all requirements of ASTM-G21
Registered NYC MEA – Formulated without cadmium and lead compounds
Self-Extinguishing – Will not burn without flame source

Samples for Textured Wallpaper

Living Room Wallpaper

Living room wallpaper can create a whole new look in your space. Use creative graphics to add pattern to your room and highlight a specific wall or feature, to frame an attractive piece of furniture, such as a sofa or a console, or simply to complement or contrast with the colours in your scheme. Living room wallpaper can add interest to a space and alter the feel of a room, depending on what design you opt for.

Bed Room Wallpaper

We spend around one third of our lives in bed, so it seems only fitting that our bedroom should be as beautiful as possible. Being the most private and personal room in a home means your bedroom decor can be as wild and wonderful as you like. It’s a chance to really reflect your individual style and create a look you absolutely love.

Dinning Room Wallpaper

Whether it is adding colour, pattern, style or texture, there are few easier ways of transforming the ambience of an interior. The choice of the wallpaper will depend primarily on your taste and the area being edited. If you want to beautify the dining room and you want to change the entire look, the simplest and the cheapest solution is to set customised wallpaper.