Thanks to Large Format Printing, big is beautiful!

Thanks to Large Format Printing, big is beautiful!

An outdoor signage will promote your business 24/7 and increase your brand’s visibility. But with the amount of outdoor signage crowding the streets, it has become difficult for brands to get their voice heard. To raise their voice, brands are going big in size, quality and colours with the help of large format printing. Here is how large format printing can enhance your outdoor signage.


  1. Create HD banners

Nothing is worse than having boring looking banners with faded colours or peeling paint. Research states that about 68% of consumers associate a brand’s signage with its products and service quality. With large format printing one can create creative and vibrant banners that will survive the test of time and best represent ones’ brand.

  1. On-demand printing

In this transformative age, in order to survive, brands need to counter competitor’s campaign smartly and quickly. Thanks to on-demand large format printing, one can print as many signage as one wants, instantly!

  1. Innovation

Brands are letting their imagination run wild and are printing innovative ads on different surfaces and unpredictable places. Strategically placing your large format banners in places with high visibility will earn your brand brownie points in form of sales and recognition.

  1. Flexibility

Whether you are looking to produce banners, decors or vehicle wraps, large format printing is an all-round solution to all your large sized marketing needs. With the plethora of options it has to offer, producing out-of-the-box signage is now much easier.

If you want to experience, first hand, the difference with large format printing and create enhanced outdoor signage, then we at Trinity Media are just one call away. With our range of large format printing services, we promise to make a large impact.