Latest Digital Printing Trends

Latest Digital Printing Trends

We’re in the midst of a dramatic technological transformation, driven by digital printing. Digital printing has enabled advertisements to be printed on unthinkable surfaces and places. Its thriving all over the world, but digital printing is flourishing more so in Dubai because of the growing economy and upcoming mega events like World Expo 2020 and other international trade fairs.

Let’s tour the world of latest digital printing innovations!

On demand large format printing

Large format printing creates clear images that are visible from a distance. They aid brand recognition and reputation. Unlike traditional offset printing that can only print in bulk, large format printing allows you to print according to the quantity you need.

Sustainable and environment-friendly operations

There has been a massive surge in the demand for UV-cured inks as they are more eco-friendly and UV rays resistant. It is also better suited for printing on different media such as textiles, plastics etc.

Transformation of interior designing

Wall printing
Digital fabric printing has opened the floodgates to innovation for architects and interior designers too by offering infinite possibilities for custom furnishing in unlimited range of colours!

Innovative product packaging possibilities

Gone are the days of boxes printed with dull, low-resolution images. Today, product packaging in all shapes, sizes and materials are used to excite, inform, create an experience and even protect the planet. Manufacturers are able to produce customised packaging that saves time and money in their production process.

Vehicle wraps


Vehicles are the perfect advertising space, as with the help of vinyl vehicle wraps they become portable billboards. They are the perfect way to place your brand on the road towards success!

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