Display Stands

Display Stands

We are one of the leading manufacturer of display units in Dubai, Can design and customise any type of display stand in wood and metal as per clients requirement.

One of the most creative and fun aspects of running your retail business is managing the visual merchandising elements of the retail environment. That means everything from the window display a prospective customer first sees that draws them to your store, to the signage that directs them around, and the Merchandising Displays that catch their eye and ultimately influence them to purchase something.


Our Product Includes

Retail Display Counter

Retail display stand is an advertising tool that has a direct impact on product sales and we have our own In house Production for any kind of Design to Implement in Live. We are leading manufacturer of display stand in Dubai.

Gondola Branding

A gondola can be defined as a freestanding fixture used by retailers to display merchandise or for any new product launch. Gondolas typically consist of a flat base and a vertical component featuring notches, pegboards, or slatwalls.



Promotional Stand

Launching a new product or product line is one of the best reasons to exhibit in a mall or at retails store, With tons of design database, we can design & customize your Promotional or Activation stand

Product Activation Stand

Product  Activation stand play the vital role in give you the opportunity for a live, captive audience, and proves an ideal way to get your product in the hands of your targeted consumer demographic


Retail Kiosk

We design and fabricate all kinds of kiosks for retail. The Retail Merchandising Unit or retail kiosks to be more specific are special purpose units which are customized with various accessories based on the customer requirements. Trinity Creation, provide top notch Kiosk design. The kiosks are a popular alternative to storefronts which include:- Mall Kiosk and Retail Store Kiosk


Acrylic Display Stand

Trinity Creations’s have been manufacturing acrylic displays stands and holderssince long. Acrylic Display Stands are popularly used for diplay stand in Malls & Retail outlets. Materials used are generally clear or coloured acrylic for clarity and gloss finish, yet PVC, coloured Foamex styrene and ABS are often used.  View Acrylic display stand image