Customised Exhibition Stand

Customised Exhibition Stand

The exhibition stand design process

This is the process that we go through each time, we receive a brief and win a pitch to design and build a custom exhibition stand.

We have broken this up into a number of stages to make it more manageable.

This will help to clarify the process. Essentially the process falls into 3 key areas:



The Brief of Exhibition Stand

The first stage of the exhibition stand design process is that you will provide us with a brief. This brief helps us to know what you are planning and what you want your stand to achieve.

We need to know a bit about your company in order to get a feel for how we should design your exhibition stand. A good starting point would be to list the following:

  • A couple of paragraphs about your company
  • The products you sell or services you provide
  • Are you an international company? if so, which countries?
  • How long have you been established?
  • Describe the company using five or ten words (i.e. young, vibrant, technology based etc) ?
  • What are you trying to achieve at this exhibition, brand awareness, direct sales, etc?
  • What are you exhibiting, products large or small, services etc?
  • How will you operate the exhibition stand, by demos, visual with literature or a/v etc?
  • How many of your staff will be working on the exhibition stand at any one time?
  • Will you provide refreshments?
  • Will you have ‘give a ways’?

The Initial Exhibition Stand Design Concept

Once we have received your brief details, and we have talked through everything that you are looking for and wanting to achieve from your exhibition stand, now it is the time to start the initial design process.

During this part of the process, we put ideas together based on the brief and our conversations with you. We then create a 3D visual of the initial stand design. This 3D visual is a fantastic way of showing you how your stand will function on the day and can be incredibly helpful to get a real look and feel for the final product and how we can use your graphic elements.

This design will show the basic function of the stand with initial ideas on how we can use your graphic elements.


Develop the Stand as per the approved design

From our initial visual concepts, we then work with you to develop the design until you are completely happy with it. This part of the exhibition stand design process works well being a collaborative approach and there may be a chances of some changes from your perspective, once we nail down the final visual concepts.

By working together, we can create a solution that both looks amazing and achieves the business goals that you need from it.

Once the final design has been signed off, we then begin the build process at our production studios. From here we will deliver the stand directly to whichever exhibition that you are attending first.

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