Custom wallpaper

Custom wallpaper

Wallpaper Printing using your own Image

Custom wallpaper printing in Dubai with Installation with by our professional team

Products include: Wallpaper printing for Living room, Wallpaper printing for Bed room, Wallpaper printing for Dinning room, Wallpaper printing for Drawing room..etc


Printing of wallpaper : Wallpaper printing with installation in Dubai wih your own custom Image and size.The customised designed as per your required Height and Width measurements. We can proportionately re-size it as per your customized measurements.

You can upload your own image using any FREE upload service such as or Our technical team will review the image to see if the quality is print-worthy and notify you before you place the order to print your wallpaper.


Image file format : We offer you a variety of options. You can send an image file in .jpg, .tif, .png, .psd, .psb, .eps, .ai, cdr and .pdf formats. We recommend high resolution images (200dpi or more) for sharper and larger images.

Installation & Removal of wall paper : We have a highly trained professional set of team for installation & removal of wallpaper.

For best results, wallpapers are installed on absolutely flat/smooth surfaces. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a smooth surface for installing our wallpapers to avoid bumps and achieve a perfect finish.

Removal of our wallpapers won’t leave any sticky residue that damages the surface or appearance of your walls. However, in exceptional cases, if you do find little residues, you can easily get rid of them by wiping with a clean damp sponge, towel or cloth.

All the wallpaper’s are printed on DreamScape wallcoverring, DreamScape is a high quality printable certificate type II commercial grade wallcovering that has passed the most rigorous testing for quality and building code certification.

Smoke Certification – meet or exceeds Federal CCC-408D and CFFA-W-101D

Fire Testing – meets or exceeds ASTM, NFPA, BS476 and CAN 102

Mold and Mildew Resistance – passed all requirements of ASTM-G21

Registered NYC MEA – Formulated without cadmium and lead compounds

Self-Extinguishing – will not burn without flame source

Samples for Textured Wallpaper



Living Room Wallpaper


Bed Rooom Wallpaper


Dinning Room Wallpaper